Artwork Specifications

No template is needed!  We manufacture our flags to fit your logo.
Simply upload your artwork  using the following specifications.

You will receive a FREE Digital proof before we begin production!

Vector Artwork

Vector artwork is preferred. All fonts need to be converted into outline form to prevent font substitution. Vector artwork can be sent in the following file formats .ai .pdf, and .eps.

EPS file type
raster file type

Raster Artwork

Raster artwork can be sent in the following file formats .psd, .tiff, .jpg, and .png. All raster files need to be in CMYK format at 300 dpi or higher at the size of the end product. A layered Photoshop file is the preferred raster format.

All raster files need a 1/8” bleed all the way around, i.e., if the finished size of your flag is 2.5” x 2.5”, your artwork should be 2.625” x 2.625” with the background extending beyond the 2.5” final size.

Color Formats

All files should be sent in CMYK color format verses RGB color format.  RGB is not a “true” printing format and allows “out of gamut” colors to be viewed on your monitor.  “Gamut” is the range of colors that a color device can display or print.  A color that may be displayed on your monitor in RGB may not be a printable color.  For instance, the nice blue viewed on your monitor may actually print as purple.

CMYK file type
Proof Artwork


An electronic proof will be sent to you of your submitted artwork like the example on the left.  The proof displays your artwork to actual size and how it will look on the finished product.  Proofs may also include alternate shapes and sizes for you to choose from.

Production cannot begin without your proof approval and receipt of your completed quote form.

Design Work

As a courtesy, Impact PBS can provide first time design work for those who are in need of it.

Here’s how it works…We need you to be as specific as you can.  We need to know what text, what type of image if any, and what colors.  Also if the color is yellow, what type of yellow?  School bus or mustard?

We will provide one design based on your specifications with one change free of charge.  If more changes are required, a design fee of $65.00 will be incurred.