In 2003, we were approached by a radio station in a neighboring state to design a Mic Flag for their EV309 shock mount.

The potential customer was not exactly sure what they wanted, just something other than the normal mic flag placed on the connector between the boom arm and the shock mount, or even the standard clips they were currently using on the sides.

To come up with an intelligent design, we felt it best to contact a local station to see if they used the EV309 shock mount and the accompanying RE20 microphones. This way we could see their physical set up and get the exact measurements. We wanted to come up with a mic flag that looked like it belonged there.

We called our local Clear Channel station in downtown Greenville, SC, and met with their Promotions Director, which fortunately did use the EV309. The PD was extremely helpful in giving us the use of his studio and his excitement over this undeveloped marketing tool was encouraging.

Once our product was designed, built, and customized, we took it over to Clear Channel, not knowing what to expect. The PD was so excited to receive our gift (a few to dress up his station) that he showed everyone in his office, sent us an order for additional flags for their sister stations, and sent out a mass email to all the Promotion Directors within the Clear Channel system! Needless to say, we were bombarded with orders!

Oh, by the way, the original potential customer did not care for our design and did not make a purchase of our Impact Studio Flags – that is until 4 years later when they saw a sister station in their building using them and wanted some for themselves

So, if your Radio Station, or Podcast Studio uses the EV309 shock mount, and you do not have one of our Impact Studio flags, be sure to get in touch with us directly and purchase the original Impact Studio Flag.