We are able to offer a comprehensive printing service ranging from single to full color prints.  Together with a flocked coating, we are able to supply windshields completely tailored to your needs.  Flocking adds a velour type coating to the outside of the windshield which enhances the audio performance, especially in outdoor situations and allows us to color match almost any Pantone.


There is a minimum of three units of one style with identical design, shape, and color scheme.  As the windscreen is created around the specifications for a particular microphone, we need to know the Make/Model of the microphone before a proof and/or quote can be sent. Windscreens are not interchangeable between different microphones.


Vector (outlined) format artwork IS REQUIRED.   We are unable to provide a proof/quote without the VECTOR (outlined) FORMAT ARTWORK.  The originator  of the logo should be able to provide this format to you in the required outlined format.  


No proof will be provided without vector format artwork.  You will receive a full color PDF virtual proof for your review and approval.  Once approved, we will place your order into production.  If not received in a timely fashion (1-2 business days), please check your SPAM folders.


Delivery is 4-5 weeks from the placement of the completed, approved order.

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