Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect when I place an order online?

We will provide a proof for your review and approval that will show a photo of what your finished product will look like. We will wait for your written proof approval before beginning production.

If you are not receiving a response in an appropriate amount of time, please check your SPAM folder for our emails. They will come from an individual, and not our website.

All orders expire 5 business days from placement if not processed. A shipping date will be provided upon proof approvals. We are shipping 3-5 business days from proof approval.

What if I don't want to buy online?

We are always available via phone or email.  Feel free to send us your artwork, quantity required, complete “Ship To” address, and your event date.  We will provide you with a Proof (showing a photograph of the finished product) and follow up with a Quote form.  It is the completed quote form that needs to be returned to us before production can begin.

I need my customized mic flag yesterday. How soon can I have it?

We understand stuff happens.  In order for us to be able to ship small quantities in a pinch, we have had to institute a $150 RUSH fee, which includes expedited shipping costs, as we need to interrupt our existing production schedule to accommodate.  If placing the order directly online, you can add a note to the “Special Instruction” area that “It is OK to charge $150 additional to this order to deliver on (provide date)”.  The order and artwork will need to be approved by 4:00 pm ET in order to ship the next day.

Do your mic flags fit any microphone?

Our handheld mic flags will fit virtually any handheld microphone.  95% of our mic flags have a 1.75″ hole diameter in the top and bottom panels.  On some three sided mic flags the hole size has to be smaller.  A notation will be on your proof if that is the case.  Hole sizes can be changed to your specifications at no extra charge if the space allows for it.

Do I need a template?

Templates are available if required. Let us know what shape/size you prefer and we can send it in a .pdf or a .psd format.  Most customers do not require templates and simply send us their artwork letting us know what shape/size they prefer and we can make adjustments on our end.

How can I get top and bottom panel printing?

This is a free service that we do automatically if a customer has two (or more) logos that have different colored backgrounds.  No need for you to worry about it, we will take care of it on our end.  If you don’t like it, then we just ask you tell us what color panels you would like.  Remember too, you can have a design on the top/bottom panels also, but keep in mind that there will be a 1.75” hole diameter cut out of the center.

What are the mic flags made of?

Each mic flag is hand built with a 3/16 inch (.187”) thick acrylic.  All of our mic flags are manufactured in-house.  They are very heavy duty and very high quality.

What if I need to order mic and/or studio flags for several stations at the same time?

That is one way Impact PBS will save you money.   Our prices are not based on size, shape, or how many colors or logos you need.   We view it as all one order.   Whatever the total number of flags ordered, you will receive that quantity price break.  You will still receive proofs for each logo.  Rycote, Towers and Blank mic flags are NOT included in the quantity price break as have a different pricing structure.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do.  We ship via the US Postal Service’s Priority Express Mail International, which usually delivers within 3-5 business days.  If you need expedited shipping, then we will require your UPS account number to ship.  Impact PBS is not responsible for any customs/brokerage fees, duties or
taxes.  They are payable on the customer’s shipping account, or can be incurred through the US Postal Service.

Are all the flags on your website your customers?

Yes. Each and every mic flag you see on our website was built by Impact PBS.  Additionally, some of our mic flags and designs can also be seen on our competitor’s websites.  We’re that good!