Custom Quality Microphone Flags!

Impact PBS is your #1 world wide source for manufacturing high quality, long lasting, microphone flags.  Whether you are looking for 1 flag or 1000 flags, from start to finish, we put the same passion, quality and commitment into each order.


stock sizes

Any Size Handheld Mic Flag

Rectangles, Triangles & Squares…. same price!

Although Impact PBS has over a dozen stock sizes to choose from, we will custom manufacture any 3 or 4 sided mic flag to any size to ensure your logo looks its best!  You may even mix and match sizes, shapes and logos, all at no extra charge.

bottom panel

Podium/Gooseneck Mic Flags

So who looks at the bottom?

You would be surprised!  In most podium shots, the bottom of the microphone flag is all you see, so why not take advantage of this missed advertising space, with your name or web address?  It’s all included, and you never know who’s watching.


Printed Top & Bottom Panels

No Panel is left uncovered.

Impact PBS has always printed on every panel of our mic flags, which gives them a uniquely complete and finished look.  We treat each panel (top, bottom and sides) as its own printable space for you to utilize.  You are purchasing the whole mic flag, not just the sides so get creative!

special shapes

Special Shapes

Special shapes for an extra impact!

Impact PBS manufactures durable 6- and 8-sided microphone flags in several standard sizes.  Specific sizes can be manufactured at no extra charge.  The extra edge panels are a great place to display your web address or call letters.  Contact one of our specialists to get started today.